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DRIVE 'EM NUTSYou have a better chance of Drive ‘EM Nuts if you take the time to get to know them first.  If the two of you are connected mentally, the rest will follow.  By the way, you might FEEL like you know them after a date or two, but let’s be realistic, it takes much more than eight hours to get to know someone.  See our section to get to know his/her sexual mind.

  1. Tell Him/Her What You Want Them To Do. In the middle of the passion, whisper in his/her ear, “put your fingers inside,” or “stroke my d***.”  Your voice against his/her eardrum coupled with the fact that you have taken enough control to tell him/her how to please you, will bring the energy to a new level. Say it loud enough so he/she doesn’t have to say, “what’d u say?”
  2. Say His/Her Name.  The sweetest words to anyone’s ears is their own name.  Do not be afraid to use his/her name.  For example, “Dr. Rachael, that feels so good : )”  These are auditory phrases that he/she will play over and over in his/her head the next day.  Don’t be afraid to leave a lasting impression.
  3. Touch His/Her Face.  Many people get caught up in the act of sex and will forget that there can and should be many parts to it.  We all long to feel appreciated and desired.  Make him/her feel special, lightly stroke and touch his/her face.  Give him/her a face massage. Let him/her know that all of your energy is there with him/her.
  4. Gaze Into His/Her Eyes.  Eyes are windows to the soul.  Through eye contact you can speak volumes without uttering a word.  A confident gaze can travel through their eyes and straight to the love below. Don’t be afraid of eye contact.
  5. Palm to Palm. Hands are very sensitive and sensual parts of the body.  Clasp hands palm to palm and experience a new way of energy transfer.  Hold hands during sex and bring your feelings of connectedness to a whole new level.
  6.  Sexy Noises Turn You On. I am not suggesting that you stage a dramatic script of overdone noises and phrases, but I am suggesting that you allow yourself to let go and release sexy and sultry sounds.  It can be as simple as a moan or as complex as sucking sounds.  Give it a try and see what type of response you get.  If you are mute during sex, your partner can not tell how he or she is doing, and that’s a TURN OFF.
  7. Neck & Ears Are Important. These are very sensitive areas of the body and should not be neglected.  Kissing, sucking, and/or nibbling will all work.  Just remember that everyone is different.  Pay attention to his/her body language before you assume that he/she likes it.  If you still can’t tell, ask.
  8.  Appreciate His/Her Body. Whether he/she is 300 pounds or a slight 100 pounds, everyone needs to feel appreciated.  When your partner is confident with their body and in the fact that you are attracted to them, they will be able to give you more of themselves.  Be liberal with compliments. . .even if they are not quite true.
  9. His/Her Head is a Sensual Area.  Not only is the scalp a very sensitive area, but for many people sex begins in the mind. Caress his/her scalp and/or tug on his/her hair, but PAY ATTENTION because if he/she has weave or has spent serious loot on a hair style, a scalp massage may not be appreciated.
  10. Send a Sexy Two-Way Message or Email The Next Day. After sex, everyone wants to know how they did.  The ego-stroking should not end after the orgasm or lack there of.  Imagine that he/she is in a meeting and over his/her two-way device comes, “I’m wet just thinking about last night.”
  11. Share The Work-Load. Sex is about giving and receiving.  Take an active role in the process.  Sex can be OK if you just lay there.  But if you want it to be off-tha-chain, you have to get involved in the process.
  12. Be Creative. When you are having sex with someone that you care about, it is OK to try new things.  Creativity will keep your partner on the edge of his/her seat.