Dr Rachael Shares Sexual Health Resolutions

Dr Rachael Shares Sexual Health Resolutions

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Dr Rachael Shares Sexual Health Resolutions

Source: L’oreal Thompson / Jet Magazine

If you’re like most people, then you probably made a New Year’s resolution or two. Perhaps it has something to do with your finances. Or, maybe, you’re more concerned about losing weight and improving your health.

But what about your sexual health?

It’s just as important, says Dr. Rachael Ross, the Chicago-based sex therapist who is known for her open and honest conversations about sex.

“If you ignore your sexual health, it can cause a huge decline in your general and mental health,” she says. “In 2014, it’s important to maintain your sexual health.”

Because HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among Black women, Ross advises everyone to “get tested and make sure their partners are tested.”

“Assume your partner is HIV positive until you’re notified otherwise,” she suggests. “If people infected with HIV get started on medication early, they can live until their in their 70s. Then people starting thinking of HIV as a chronic illness, like diabetes, as something they can live with and manage. We don’t want that.”

In an effort to reduce the rate of STDs among Black women. Ross encourages everyone to practice safer forms of sex, which may include outercourse.

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