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A DIY recipe to get smooth, frizz-free hair at home you should DIY Pre-Shampoo.  We have all seen those commercials where the women have what appears to be magic hair.  Their hair sways, moves, and dances in a way that with all the coconut oil in the world, ours just never ever does.  Well the secret is that most people with dry or processed hair really do need to precondition their hair.  Most shampoo is designed to strip the oils out of your hair instead of replenishing it.  No matter how much conditioning you do after the shampoo, the oils are still gone.  DIY Pre-Shampoo is a pre-conditioning treatment that nourishes your scalp and hair and makes the shampooing process much less harsh.  So I put together a recipe that will help put natural oil and protein right back into the hair.  Be careful though, it might make you hungry! : )

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