Condom Conversation

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Condom Conversation

The Condom ConversationThe Condom Conversation: Convincing a sexual partner to use a condom makes a lot of people uncomfortable, so you are not alone.  Remember, before you get into a sexual situation, that your vagina and your penis are precious parts of your body and they are easily infected. Once you have become sexually active, you should always keep a couple condoms either with you or very close by.

The technique you use to convince your partner to wear a condom depends on the type of relationship that you have with them.


If this is someone you just met and have not formed a relationship with, then the reality of the situation is that this might just happen one time. Perhaps this is a one-night stand. You should be selective because you deserve the best. Keep “One Night stands” to a minimum.

If this is the case, tell the person that you will not have sex with them without a condom. Make sure a condom is available before you take your clothes off and get prepared. Once you start it is hard to stop. You do not need to add fluff to this conversation.

If they try to convince you that there is no need for a condom, just walk away. That sexual encounter is not worth your time.  Afterall, you don’t even know this person.

If this is someone that you are in an established relationship with, the conversation will require more effort. Tell your partner that if you both care about each other then you should both want to protect each other from getting anything. That way he/she will not take your request personally.

Tell your partner that after the two of you have been together for a while, you can both go to the doctor and get tested for all of the STDs and HIV/AIDS. When these tests come back negative, and birth control is in place, this will be the time that the two of you can stop using condoms.

But until then, both of you will protect each other from any potential harm. Do not worry that the person may feel dirty and suspicious. Try to convince them that it is best for you both. If they still act as if they don’t understand, then tell him/her that the topic is not negotiable.