Cheap Ways to Show Up & Show Out

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Cheap Ways to Show Up & Show Out


Cheap Ways to Show Up & Show OutCheap Ways to Show Up & Show Out: You can care about someone all you want, but you have to show him/her that you care by doing really sweet things!  No one appreciates a baller who doesn’t ball or a sweetie pie who never shows up with anything sweet.  It is truly the thought that counts.  So start thinking about him/her and do something just because!

1) It’s All About Effort:  Gifts are all about the perceived effort.  So whatever you do, make it seem like you put some energy into it.

2) Use Your Place:  If you can’t afford a nice dinner or you don’t feel like spending $100.00 to dine out, dine in.  Set the mood with the right lighting.  Use red light bulbs in your lamps, scatter rose petals (they can be fake), and confetti. Mix silver, pink, and reds. The key to making your place look pimped out is to do it in excess.  Spend $20 on a balloon tank and flood the area with balloons.  When it comes to decorating a love nest, MORE is MORE. If you can’t cook, order take-out.  Just make it look good and make it seem like you tried.

3) Coupon Book:  Use your PC or creative freehand to make a book of love coupons.  On each page put what your friend is entitled to.  It can be as simple as a massage or as extravagant as a trip.

4) Single Rose: Use strategy with this one.  But you can place a beautiful single rose on his or her car seat, computer terminal, etc.  Attach a thoughtful note or poem.  Less is more.

5) Erotic Short Story:  Take time and write out a short story that involves the two of you.  You can make it into a booklet, email, video text, or record your voice reading the story and send as an MP3.  Make it an erotic story or a love story depending on what type of relationship the two of you have.  Either way you’ll win some serious cool points.

6) CD Compilation:  Make a romantic mix CD on your computer.  Make sure you design a special label or else it will look like you put no effort into the gesture. After all, anyone can burn a CD.

7) Fill His/Her Car With Balloons:  Buy a canister of helium and a bunch of red, pink, and silver balloons.  Fill the car or a special room with the balloons.  Leave a nice letter, poem, or story.

8) Cookie Bouquet:  Buy some red cut-out cookies from the grocery store, cut them into heart shapes with a cookie cutter (some cookies can be bought already heart shaped).  Buy some cheap fake roses and pull the heads off.  As soon as the cookies come out of the oven, press the stems from the headless roses into the base of the cookies.  Do this 12 times and you have a dozen cookie-roses.  Let the cookies cool down before you move them. Place the bouquet in a vase or in a long white box.  Wrap the arrangement with a beautiful ribbon.

9) 7 Roses:  Buy seven roses and hide them throughout the house. Each rose should have a note attached to it that highlights something special about your person.

10) Pamper-Day:  Create a day of pampering and present it to your loved one in the form of a certificate.  Do nice things like carry their bags, clean up their locker, and think of any little thing that you can do to pamper them.  Try to keep it PG!

Remember, whatever you do, make sure it SEEMS like you put some effort into the gift.  Spoil your loved one and let Him/Her KNOW that you’re feelin’ them!  A little goes a long way.

Leave your comments below and tell us how you showed up and showed out!

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