Challenge Day #18 – Stop Saying No So Much

by Dr. Rachael

by Dr. Rachael

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Life can be so fantastically stimulating, and so can your relationship….The only caveat is that you have to get out of your comfort zone to truly enjoy it.  You have to stop saying no to everything.

Stop saying no even before you know the question…saying no with your body language, no through text language (well, I had planned to do laundry), and saying no with your voice.  Your life and your relationships stop advancing once you get bored and stagnant.

Think about it, When was the last time you really said yes to something that everyone around you didn’t already know you were going to say no to.  Sometimes you might even sigh before the no comes out.  Sigh ‘Noooo, I’m tired.’  Or instead of texting no, you text a bunch of messages alluding to no.

Stop Saying No So Much

‘Nooo I don’t want to wear my hair like that.’ ‘Nooo I don’t feel like it.’ ‘Nope, I don’t want to.’  ‘No, I didn’t get to it.’ ‘Nooo I’m going to stay in.’

No is easy.  But by saying no to so many things in life, you shut out all of the potentially fabulous experiences that could be had.  By saying no too much, you are boring yourself to death and limiting your personal growth.

Break away from what’s expected, and do the unexpected.  Say yes and mean it!!  So this weekend, no matter how much you don’t feel like it, Go, Do, and Try.

Want to go to the movies? YES
Want to go with me to the store? YES
Are you going to finish that project? YES
Are you going to go? YES
Let’s try this position. YES, let’s.
Let’s go out this weekend. Yes, let’s.
Let’s plan a trip. Yes, let’s.

So on this day and every day of the #30DaySuccessChallenge, Go, Do, and Try…Thank me later!

Article by

Rachael L. Ross
MD, PhDAs a family doctor and a sexologist.

Dr. Rachael Ross has been heralded as “The next Dr. Ruth, the nationally renowned sexual therapist who pioneered frank sex talk.” Chicago Tribune. Dr. Rachael earned her M.D. from Meharry Medical College and her Ph.D. from the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, along with a B.A. from Vanderbilt University, where she studied anthropology.

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