Challenge Day 14 – No Texting And Driving

No Texting and Driving

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Challenge Day 14 – No Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is 6 times more dangerous than drinking and driving!!
It is so tempting to send little messages, check Twitter, Instagram, and/or FaceBook while you are on the road.  At the time it seems so easy to glance down and multitask.  In fact the minimal amount of time it takes to return a text is 5 seconds and if you are traveling at 55 mph, that’s enough time to have driven the length of a football field without looking.

Nowadays your smartphone is equipped with hands-free technology, so use it!  Instead of sending a text, you can call the person, or dictate your text into the speaker.  If it’s a text-argument, waiting until you finish driving will help you calm down and process the information correctly before things get worse.  You should use your drive time as an opportunity to get where you are going safely, think about what a successful day you are going to have, and listen to something that nourishes your brain.

In 2012, 3,328 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver.  You will never forgive yourself if you kill someone, and your family will never recover if you kill yourself, so don’t let that be you.  If you cannot control yourself, put your phone in your glove compartment or a bag, turn sounds off, and keep it out of sight.

Tips to Help You Stop Texting & Driving:
1)  Put your phone away before you start driving.
2) Inform your frequent texters before you leave that you will be driving and therefore MIA through text.
3)  Think of drive-time as an opportunity to actually TALK to some of those people that you text so much.  Texting cannot replace true conversation.
4)  Encourage all your loved ones not to text and drive.  It’ll make it easier for you to comply and easier for them to stop texting you when you are driving.

So on day 14 and all days of the #30DaySuccessChallenge, do not text and drive.  Pass it on, you might save a life!!