Beating it up is not Safe – Everything in Moderation

Beating it up is not Safe - Everything in Moderation

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Sometimes couples make the mistake of “beating it up,” “wearing it out,”  or  “goin’ all night,”.  These phrases are colloquialisms for having long hours of back to back to back to back sexual activity.

It seems good at the time, and both parties seem to enjoy the experience.  But I want to give you an analogy to help you to understand why “wearing it out” is usually counter-productive.

Imagine sucking vigorously on a lollipop for 4 or 5 hours.  Unwrap it and move the lollipop in and out of your mouth and suck on it hard.  Now, imagine what your mouth will feel like for the rest of the day.  What will it feel like the next morning when you attempt to eat your Cap’n Crunch or Cheerios?  Your mouth will have sooo many cuts and sores on it, that you might not want to eat for a day or so; and you surely will not want to suck on another lollipop.  I use this analogy to help you to understand what a woman’s vagina might feel like after hours and hours of  “beating it up.”

Everything in Moderation

After hours of sex you will have tiny cuts and sores on whatever areas you used during the activity.  These areas can include and are not limited to your mouth, vagina, anus, the surface of your hand, or any area that undergoes a lot of rubbing.  The same cuts and abrasions just mentioned are very dangerous in terms of STD and HIV transmission.  The raw surfaces are open areas for STDs and HIV to enter your bloodstream.

Now that you realize this, think twice before allowing ANYONE to “wear it out.”  There are other activities that the two of you can do that will bring sexual satisfaction to you both.  It should not always be about fast penetration or repetitive sucking motions.

This is especially true if you are with someone and you do not know his or her STD status, or if you are cheating on someone special to you.  It is a quick way to end up with an infection, and an even quicker way to feel WORN OUT.
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