Her $40,000 obsession with Kim Kardashian

Claire Leeson-KIm

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Claire Leeson KIm KardashianThis week on The Doctors you get a chance to meet Claire Leeson.  She’s a young lady so obsessed with Kim Kardashian that she has spent over $40,000 to look like her.  Here’s what she hasn’t done with that 40,000k.  She hasn’t gone under the knife for any reason other than breast implants, she hasn’t made a sex tape, and she doesn’t have a Black boyfriend, fiancé, or husband (yes, I HAD TO ASK lol).  But I must say that it’s sad to think about a person being in a space to desperately want something that is utterly impossible to have.

My prescription for  and her $40,000 obsession with Kim Kardashian?  I told her to take a break from social media and stalking Kim’s Kardashian’s pages, get out and socialize more without getting ‘Kimmied up,’ and probably her most important prescription is to start dating.  Obsessions breed loneliness and loneliness fuels depression and heartache, and that’s not living.  Living life is actually something that must be done out loud and outside of your head, and Claire needs to come outside of her head and into reality.

We wanted to meet with her before things got out of hand, and before her $40,000 obsession with Kim Kardashian morphed into a plastic surgery nightmare.  I hope she took our intervention seriously.  Her $40,000 spending habit came from breast implants, teeth whitening, hair extensions, makeup, spray tanning, nails, butt pads, clothing, and beauty treatments.  All of these things don’t sound that bad until you think of the amount of debt she is taking on to keep up with it all.