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Virtual Visits – I’m Bringing My Clinic To You

Since I’m always on the go, I’ve decided that I am going to come to you.  I’m bringing my clinic to you by offering virtual visits.  The other day, a long-term patient of mine told me, “I almost lost my toe while you were gone to Hollywood!” He followed with, “…And during your maternity leave, I got my girl pregnant, and you weren’t here to help prevent that either!!’  We shared a chuckle, especially about the pregnant girlfriend since he’s in his sixties (I actually later told him he should thank me for years of keeping him healthy enough to have a little one lol)!  He was kind’ve joking and kind’ve serious all at the same time.  He went to further explain that there were so many times in the past few years that he wanted to see me, but could not get an appointment because I wasn’t physically there.  We laughed and joked about it, but it dawned on me at the time that he voiced the same complaint that many people have.  That they cannot talk to me or visit with me when they want to.

I know I’m a fantastic doctor, I’ve been practicing medicine now for over ten years, and I wholeheartedly care for each and every one of my patients.  I do my best to provide them with exceptional care that is thought out, personalized, well researched, and infused with compassion.  I realized at that moment that I wanted to be more accessible, and that is when I decided to start doing virtual visits!

Through virtual visits, whether I am home, in Hollywood, on vacation, or anywhere, I can bring my clinic to you!  My patients and followers have a type of access to me that was impossible before.  I am starting this journey using an application called eVisit and I love it because it’s super easy!  To schedule a virtual visit, you simply create an account, download the app, schedule your visit, and use the camera on your mobile device, tablet, or computer to visit with me LIVE and in living color!  Your data is secure and our visit will be in an 100% HIPPA compliant atmosphere.  Your virtual visit is quick, easy, convenient, and totally private!

My patients call on me for a variety of things.  Recently, one of my patients brought in three different condom types to ask me which one worked the best, another brought her mom in who had travelled ALLL the way from Mexico to see me, and another was a family from Chicago who wanted to discuss a reaction to medication they received from another physician.  Then of course I have countless patients with diabetes, hypertension, colds, weight issues, sexual dysfunction, thyroid problems, etc.  Family medicine is cool that way, we treat a variety of patients.  I can see any of the above mentioned issues and more through virtual visits!

I practice Functional-Family Medicine and Clinical Sexology in my hometown of Gary, Indiana.  I pride myself on the fact that I treat the whole person and not just a generic symptom or  disease.  I listen to your past, your present, and your future, we devise a plan, and I don’t give up until you feel as though your life and your health status has improved.  This becomes easier for both of us since you know have the option of virtual visits.  As your doctor we function as a team, and teamwork becomes more streamlined through virtual visits.

My sexology practice is similar, I help couples and individuals with sexual issues by addressing the person as a whole and not just their genitalia.  Sometimes it’s a simple as sex drive issues and other times it’s as complicated as not being able to orgasm.  An individual’s sexual health is impacted by every other aspect of their mental and physical health, and I make sure we address it all to employ strategies that work!  Unfortunately over half of all couples are in sexless relationships.  Studies indicate that if those sexless couples discover how to have passionate sex and how to communicate throughout their relationship, they will get along better and will even become more understanding of each others’ needs.

So If you want a doctor that keeps her opinions to herself, that’s not me.  If you are looking for a physician who only gives credence to and pays attention to large double-blinded placebo studies that’s not me either.  But if you are looking for a physician who combines historical perspective, personal experience, and over ten years of clinical practice, with the latest research from a variety of institutions and clinics, now that’s me!!  I am licensed to practice medicine in California, Indiana, and I will be licensed in Illinois by the end of the year.  If you live in any of these states, you can schedule  virtual medical visits with me!

For those of you that live anywhere else in the world and do not need a medical visit, but you just have a Quick Question, Guess what? I’m doing Quick-Question Visits.  The process is pretty similar.  You download the app, set up your account, schedule your appointment, and then you can log on during your scheduled appointment and I’ll answer your quick question!!  Perhaps you just broke up with your partner, have a dress you can’t decide on, or even want a suggestion about what brand of supplements I like, well, I’m here for you.  QQ Visits are not considered medical advice, it is more-so what I consider girlfriend-time.  Imagine that we are having tea or a cocktail and you have a Quick Question for your friend.  Thats what QQ-visits are for…except they are 100% confidential : )

My patients ask me at least once a week, “you’re not leaving us are you?”  Now I can start to answer their question a little differently.  “Even if I do, I can still be your physician.”