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How Child Predators Make Their Move


How Child Predators Make Their Move

SELECTING & RECRUITING VICTIMS There is no profile for a child target.  Any child may be victimized. Interestingly, child molesters often target children with obvious vulnerabilities. A child who feels unloved and unpopular will soak up adult attention like a sponge. This is why it is very important for you to communicate with your child and help them to realize how very beautiful and special they are.

Kids with family problems, from broken homes, those who spend time alone and unsupervised, those with no self- confidence and low self-esteem, and those who are isolated from their peers are unfortunately, all very likely targets.

Child molesters recruit their victims in different ways.  Child molesters almost always offer a sympathetic, understanding ear.  They make young people feel as if they understand and care for them.  They may offer to play games, give them rides, buy them gifts or life’s necessities.  To teenagers they may offer drugs or alcohol; or to buy them things that the teenager’s parents cannot or will buy them.  If child molesters make material promises, teenagers might sacrifice themselves in order to get closer to the material objects.

Child molesters present themselves as understanding when the parents are not, trusting when the parents do not trust the child, reliable when the child’s parents are not, and loving when the parents are not.

GROOMING Child molesters are predators. They identify and engage his victim in order to gain the child’s trust.  they realize that if the child’s defenses are down, he or she can be manipulated into performing or permitting the desired sex acts. When it proves necessary, the child molester will use similar tactics on the child’s parents or adult caretakers, in order to gain complete access to the child.