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Fellatio, GIVING HEAD ORAL SEX, or giving a blowjob is a straightforward concept.  But if you hang out in the locker room or the men’s room you will no doubt encounter stories of “head-gone-bad.”  Head-gone-bad is simply a terrible blowjob.  We will provide you with some basic tips to ensure that your attempts to master the art of fellatio do not leave your partner with the thought that the experience falls into the category of Head-Gone-Bad.

Remember, Yes. . .this is the organ that urine comes out of.  So you should not just suck anyone’s penis.  You should reserve this type of activity for people that you care about and vice versa.  With that said, let’s get to it.

  1. Make Sure He’s Comfortable & Relaxed:  Anxiety builds up and you may feel like it is appropriate to attack his penis and go to work.  A man’s penis is very sensitive and unless you know for sure that he likes for his penis to be attacked, spend some time getting him relaxed.  If he is relaxed and aroused already, your job is easy.  But if he is not turned on, make him so.
  2. Everyone Likes Attention:  Let him know that you want to be there.  Kiss him passionately and gently in different areas.  Don’t just focus on his penis; focus on him.  Kiss his face, neck, hands, and eyes.  Lick his eyebrows or the corner of his mouth.  Nibble on his ears.  A small amount of work will leave you with huge results.
  3. Tell Him What You Want:  Whisper in his ear, “I wanna suck your d***. . .” or Look him in the eye and say the same thing.  Let him know that you want to do it.  Men want to know, or at least think, that you want nothing more than to have their penis in your mouth.  You’ll either make him feel like a pimp or a king.  Both of which are sittin’ on top of the world.
  4. Don’t Just Yank it Out:  Tease him a little bit.  Kiss or lick on his navel.  Undo his belt with your teeth, and make eye contact.
  5. Look At it:  Once you get his pants off and his gem is standing at full attention, inspect his penis.  You don’t have to stop all of the action and tell him that you are examining the area.  Kiss along the inside of his thighs as you spread his legs.  Lift up his testes/balls and look for anything that looks out of place.  Look in his pubic hairs and make sure that there’s nothing there.  If something doesn’t look right, it isn’t right!  Just imagine that if you put whatever it is in your mouth, your mouth won’t be right either.
  6. Know His HIV Status:  If you have not seen any documentation to support his claim that he is HIV negative and that he does not have any STDs, you need to put a condom on his penis.  Condoms come in a variety of flavors, and you can still give a pretty good blowjob through the latex.  Don’t knock it Until You Try it!!!
  7. Remember, It’s Sensitive:  Whenever you handle a penis, make sure that lubrication is involved.  Chances are he has a little bit of moisture at the tip of his penis by now.  Use some of this fluid (pre-ejaculatory fluid) from the tip as lubricant for your hand.  Squeeze the base of his penis gently, lick your lips and start slowly, don’t just dive on it.
  8. Think of How You Like to Be Licked:  Some people assume that men want very vigorous blowjobs, but start out soft and firm.
  9. NO TEETH:  Make sure that you do not bang up against his penis with your teeth.  If so you will make it to the Head-Gone-Bad club before you know it.
  10. Look at Him:  When you are finally ready to suck his penis, look him in his eyes as you take his penis into your mouth.
  11. Kiss the Tip:  Kiss the head of his penis, apply a slight bit of suction, and move your lips down the shaft of his penis.
  12.  Breath:  Breathing heavy accomplishes two things.  1) it lets him know that you are enjoying yourself and it will make him even more turned on and 2) the warm air on his penis will kinda tickle the area and will increase his erection.
  13. Caress His Testes (Balls):  While kissing and sucking on his penis, make a cup out of your hand and put his testes in your hand.  Be gentle.  If he likes it a lot, take his testes into your mouth and move them in and out and around.  NO TEETH!!
  14. Use Your Hand:  Inevitably there will be times when you want the moment to be over quicker than others.  Use your mouth on the tip on his penis and coordinate this movement with your hand around the lower part of his penis.  Make sure there is enough saliva present for your hand to glide over his skin.  The Hand mouth combo will make him ejaculate (cum) quicker.
  15. Know Your Anatomy: There is an area in between his anus (butt hole) and his penis.  If you apply a small amount of pressure there, his erection will get stronger and harder.