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Jun 03, 2019

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Sexual harassment meme using Oprah Winfrey's image to mock her famous giveaways. You Get Sexually Assaulted, You Get Sexually Assaulted, Everyone Gets Sexually Assaulted!!
Dec 18, 2017

Sexual Harassment – Boys Will Be Boys

We’ve heard the sexual harassment allegations.  Now we need to hear from the women who sucked some of these powerful men off.  The ones who ultimately went on to become millionaires and starlets.  We’ve heard some of the tragic tales from women that powerful men have sexually harassed and assaulted.  They’ve ultimately walked away with… Read More

Aug 29, 2016

A Man Tried to Break into My Home Last Week, So I Chased His A**.

A man tried to break into my house while I was home last week, so I chased him down. I know this sounds crazy, but it happened.  I know…I know…he could’ve shot me, knifed me, choked me, etc.  This is Chicago and our crime has skyrocketed.  It really is a dangerous place.  This past weekend,… Read More

May 21, 2016

Challenge Day #20 – Evolve!!

Challenge Day #20 – Evolve!! Successful people are always on to the next.  They know there is always a better way to do things, so they constantly try to learn new ideas, new concepts, and new processes.  They know that time stands still for no one, so they keep moving.  They seek out new places… Read More

Challenge Day #18 - Stop Saying No So Much
Jan 23, 2015

Challenge Day #18 – Stop Saying No So Much

Challenge Day #18 – Stop Saying No So Much Life can be so fantastically stimulating, and so can your relationship….The only caveat is that you have to get out of your comfort zone to truly enjoy it.  You have to stop saying no to everything. Stop saying no even before you know the question…saying no… Read More