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1 In 5 At-Risk 7th-Graders Has Sexted
Jan 13, 2014

1 In 5 At-Risk 7th-Graders Has Sexted

1 In 5 At-Risk 7th-Graders Has Sexted Source: Serena Gordon / Courier Post More than 20 percent of at-risk seventh graders have “sexted” and those middle-schoolers were much more likely to also have engaged in some type of sexual behavior, a new study finds. Sexting is when someone sends sexually explicit messages and/or pictures by cellphone. Seventeen… Read More

Your Partner's Sexual History
Dec 17, 2013

How Much Should You Know About Your Partner’s Sexual History?

Sexual History Q: How much should you ask a potential partner to divulge about his or her sexual history? A: Before you take the sexual plunge with someone new, become an informed consumer. You deserve to find a partner who is honest about his or her sexual health, capable of monogamy and currently single. Early… Read More

Hook Up With Your Ex
Dec 17, 2013

Is It Ever Ok To Hook Up With Your Ex?

Q: Is It Ever Ok To Hook Up With Your Ex? A: A former boyfriend or girlfriend can be like your favorite pair of shoes—they’ve already been broken in, so they feel great on your feet. In theory, this reasoning seems perfect. You hook up with your ex because he or she already knows your body and… Read More

Oral Sex To Receive But Not Give
Dec 16, 2013

Oral Sex: My Partner Thinks It’s OK For Him To Receive But Not Give

Oral Sex To Receive But Not Give Q: My long-term partner’s attitude toward oral sex is that it’s OK for him to receive but not to give. I think he has hang-ups about the female body. A: For all relationships, sexual satisfaction revolves around giving and receiving. If your partner is either unable to or refuses to… Read More

Dec 04, 2011

Halloween Spice to Bring the Passion Back

Halloween Spice to Bring the Passion Back Halloween Spice to Bring the Passion Back: Even though a lot of us dread the candy and the kids during Halloween, Halloween is actually the sexiest time of the year! For one day only, you can be whomever you please. Now we have discussed the Art of Role-Play… Read More

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