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Dec 08, 2011

How to Last Longer Avoid Premature Ejaculation

How to Last Longer Avoid Premature Ejaculation, Dr Rachael explore the science behind:  How to have better and stronger orgasms.  How to last longer during sex & increase stamina naturally, and How to avoid premature ejaculation

Dec 05, 2011

SEX During pregnancy – Can’t He Just Wait 9 Months?

I Don’t Feel Like it, So My Partner Should Just Wait Until I Do. Despite all of the morning sickness, the swelling, and the mood swings, I encourage pregnant women to have SEX During pregnancy with and remain intimate with their partners.  Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship, and sex helps cement feelings… Read More

Dec 04, 2011


THE SCIENCE BEHIND OUTERCOURSE The only way to ensure that you do not become infected with HIV is to only have sex with yourself.  Even if you have what is considered Safer Sex, you still might contract HIV.  You can only get HIV from another human being who has the virus, the problem is that… Read More

Dec 04, 2011


There are a number of things that you can do to increase your interest or your partner’s interest in sex.  Just remember, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!!! 1) Try different positions.  If you cannot think of any new ones, go to the adult bookstore and buy a book of positions.  They usually… Read More

Sunny Sunday flow. Instead of focusing on what's missing, I always focus on what's present. #mindful #mindfulness #bepresent #begrateful #grounding #grounded ❤❤❤ ... See MoreSee Less

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Im absolutely loving this laid back Sunday. Grateful that God chose this life for me, and I stepped up to the plate & claimed it as my own. Going forward, make sure you claim what's yours!
1) know when its time to walk away... 2) know that the uncomfortable feeling is just what it feels like when great things are growing 3) stay grateful & positive the whole time & 4) drown out those too unfortunate to understand your vision. 😎😊❤🌞
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Hand in hand & through building strong families..we shall overcome.. ..

"Hate cannot drive out hate. Only LOVE can do that.". Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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