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Jul 01, 2016

Vaccines, Vaccine Injury, & My Perspective as a Doctor & Mom

I’ve ordered thousands of vaccines in my career as a physician.   Until recently I had never considered vaccine injury as more than folklore.  Weeks ago I never would’ve believed a story about vaccine injured triplets….so the past few weeks have been difficult.  I have struggled to make sense of all that I have seen… Read More

May 21, 2016

Challenge Day 28 – Don’t Wallow In It

Challenge Day 28 – Don’t Wallow In It Whether it’s a breakup, a missed opportunity, death of a loved one, an awful accident, or a lost job, life is filled with highs and lows that we all have to navigate through.  The best way to handle these major blows is to give yourself a time-frame… Read More

May 21, 2016

Challenge Day 23 – Decrease Your Anger. No RoadRaging & No Angry Texts

“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” Benjamin Franklin Some people are worse at it than others, and road rage kills.  66% of all traffic deaths each year are caused by aggressive driving.  There are generally two types of people who road rage: 1) type A or competitive-type personalities.  These people are so used… Read More

May 21, 2016

Challenge Day 22 – Pause Before You Talk, Text, Post, or Email

Challenge Day 22 – Pause Before You Talk, Text, Post, or Email It’s too easy to let your emotions lead you on a path straight down the tubes, and inevitably twenty-four hours later you often-times regret what you sent and or said.  The biggest problem however, is that once you’ve put those words out there,… Read More

May 21, 2016

Challenge Day #21 – Drink 4-6 Bottles of Water A Day

Challenge Day #21 – Drink 4-6 Bottles of Water A Day If you’ve ever visited the emergency room for any reason, I’m sure you noticed that they almost always seem to place an IV and start fluids regardless of the reason the person came in.  The people with flu, kids with diarrhea, gunshot wounds, the… Read More

Things You Should Know About the Ebola Virus
Oct 06, 2014

Things You Should Know About the Ebola Virus

Remember, I am a practicing board certified family physician, so I have a number of patients who have approached me with questions about Ebola.  So I have compiled a list of commonly asked questions and a list of things you should know about the Ebola virus. Where Did The Name Ebola Come From? Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever… Read More

Its Friday y'all!!! Time to straighten up... Studies show that even kids have more focused thoughts when the house is clean! 😊😊😊. Adults experience less stress and report feeling better when the place is clean. So if you start to experience holidays blues, before you lay down for movie night, CLEAN UP!! Here's to having a great weekend 😚😚😚 ... See MoreSee Less

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❤💜❤💜❤As a consumer of reality tv, specifically Love & HipHop, I find myself watching these two and wondering... What does my village have to do to help them learn to love all of those beautiful imperfections!?! To be happy with themselves, to exude confidence, to know bullsh*t when they see it, and to gravitate towards love. What will I say if they come to me and ask if they should get butt shots or inject fillers into their faces? Will I faint when their first date shows up at the door and he brings another girl with him on the date? Lawd.....As I rode to work solo this morning 🎶🎶 and I'm rapping along with Kardi B... 'f*ck him and get some money..' And then the male chorus "f*ck with me and get some money." 💲💲💲...then I get sick to the stomach when I imagine what this really actually means...and sicker when I imagine these two singing it...maybe its holiday season and I'm sensitive... Have you successfully raised a teen or a twenty-something that's severely happy with themselves? What did you do on a daily basis that you are 100% sure it helped? ... See MoreSee Less

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I've realized that life is all about perspective. As life changes and stressors pop up, its your perspective on those changes that ultimately defines the win! So when things seem impossible, know that they're not. When efforts seem pointless, know that they're not, when things seem hopeless, know that it's not. Lay down, get some rest, and keep getting up and keep showing up. Do it until your perspective shifts. ❤❤❤🌞🌞🌞 ... See MoreSee Less

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