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Great Sex
Feb 23, 2012

Great Sex & The Family Dynamic

Great Sex Dr. Stacy Spencer of New Direction Christian Church talks about what sets his church apart from others. Even though he has one of the largest congregations in the country, his church is not a MegaChurch. He’s providing MEGA SERVICES!!! Join Pastor Spencer, the first lady of New Direction Christian Church, and I in… Read More

How to Initiate Sex More & Break Up Tips
Jan 26, 2012

How to Initiate Sex More & Break Up Tips

How to Initiate Sex More & Break Up Tips In The Love Lab With Dr. Rachael: The Science Behind. . . It’s no fun when one partner always initiates sex.  Here are some tips to take you from being a passive aggressive lover to becoming the sexual tiger you were always meant to be! Breakups… Read More

In The Love Lab with Dr. Rachael
Dec 08, 2011

In The Love Lab with Dr. Rachael

In The Love Lab with Dr. Rachael Dr. Rachael, the country’s leading physician & sexpert takes to Ustream to broadcast weekly sessions in the Love Lab. This week the following questions are answered: how can I make more semen? & Can I reverse things after my tubes are tied? Is the Demi Moore effect a… Read More

2016 was the best year of my life...and I owe it all to this little ball of sunshine. Thanks for choosing me!!!!❤❤❤ here's to many more birthdays, getting everything your heart desires, and continuing to smile & laugh so much that your cheeks are a little sore. Mommy will always love you and will always support you!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Look at her birthday shoe game!!! I can't with these little cute fat feet❤❤❤❤ #mommysbaby #babyswag #littleprincess #mommysworld when I looked away, she was sitting..trying to eat them 😂😂😂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Baby birthday shenanigans❤❤❤🌞🌞🌞🌷🌷🌷🛫🛫🛫 this little one has brought sooo much joy... Life's biggest Blessing!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 💚💚💚🍀🌈💰🤗🤗🤗 ... See MoreSee Less

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