Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Could you be guilty of oversharing on social media?
Apr 24, 2017

Oversharing on Social Media Ruins Relationships

As a sex and relationship expert, I can always turn to a couple’s social media to help uncover layers of dysfunction that have built up over time.  Whether you realize it or not, social media updates and comments send subtle signs to the viewer and the universe about the health or longevity of your relationship. … Read More

Sep 24, 2014

Fantasy Becomes Reality & Sex Becomes Mind-Blowing This Halloween!

Every couple goes through it, even pairs consisting of sexual gods and goddesses, the infamous ‘boredom in the bedroom.’  Encouragingly, it can all just be a temporary part of staying together.  So let’s get you all back on track!  Halloween is around the corner and it’s the one time in life that you and/or your… Read More

Claire Leeson-KIm
Sep 11, 2014

Her $40,000 obsession with Kim Kardashian

This week on The Doctors you get a chance to meet Claire Leeson.  She’s a young lady so obsessed with Kim Kardashian that she has spent over $40,000 to look like her.  Here’s what she hasn’t done with that 40,000k.  She hasn’t gone under the knife for any reason other than breast implants, she hasn’t made… Read More

Woman Cuts Off Tattoo Of Her Boyfriend's Name
Mar 18, 2014

Woman Cuts Off Tattoo Of Her Boyfriend’s Name

Woman Cuts Off Tattoo Of Her Boyfriend’s Name Clinical psychologist Dr. Gabe Crenshaw responds to the story of a young woman who cut off a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name and mailed it to him when she discovered he was cheating. Was this a cry for help? More from this Episode Talk about the Show… Read More

Feb 26, 2014

Before You Have Sex For The First Time

Before You Have Sex For The First Time, family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross shares what you should know before you have sex for the first time. More from this Episode Talk about the Show Watch more of Dr. Rachael Ross on The Doctors. Are you a fan of Dr. Rachael Ross? Do… Read More

Importance Of Unconditional Love and Support
Feb 20, 2014

Importance Of Unconditional Love and Support

Importance Of Unconditional Love and Support Tune in as the panelist, Magic Johnson and Reed for Hope, Love Healthy Ambassador, Pastor Toure Roberts express the importance of unconditional love and support are essential in any relationship.

Its Friday y'all!!! Time to straighten up... Studies show that even kids have more focused thoughts when the house is clean! 😊😊😊. Adults experience less stress and report feeling better when the place is clean. So if you start to experience holidays blues, before you lay down for movie night, CLEAN UP!! Here's to having a great weekend 😚😚😚 ... See MoreSee Less

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❤💜❤💜❤As a consumer of reality tv, specifically Love & HipHop, I find myself watching these two and wondering... What does my village have to do to help them learn to love all of those beautiful imperfections!?! To be happy with themselves, to exude confidence, to know bullsh*t when they see it, and to gravitate towards love. What will I say if they come to me and ask if they should get butt shots or inject fillers into their faces? Will I faint when their first date shows up at the door and he brings another girl with him on the date? Lawd.....As I rode to work solo this morning 🎶🎶 and I'm rapping along with Kardi B... 'f*ck him and get some money..' And then the male chorus "f*ck with me and get some money." 💲💲💲...then I get sick to the stomach when I imagine what this really actually means...and sicker when I imagine these two singing it...maybe its holiday season and I'm sensitive... Have you successfully raised a teen or a twenty-something that's severely happy with themselves? What did you do on a daily basis that you are 100% sure it helped? ... See MoreSee Less

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I've realized that life is all about perspective. As life changes and stressors pop up, its your perspective on those changes that ultimately defines the win! So when things seem impossible, know that they're not. When efforts seem pointless, know that they're not, when things seem hopeless, know that it's not. Lay down, get some rest, and keep getting up and keep showing up. Do it until your perspective shifts. ❤❤❤🌞🌞🌞 ... See MoreSee Less

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