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With the news that R. Kelly was cleared on charges of child pornography in the state of Florida; and with the assumption that a large portion of our members have either witnessed the alleged events on the R. Kelly sex tape, watched David Chappelle recap the events, or even listened at the barber shop while the conversation focused on the grotesqueness of the event, I thought that it would be appropriate to address Pee and Sex, Golden Showers, UROPHILIA or urolangia.

UROPHILIA is a paraphilia.  Paraphilia is Greek for the word beyond.  Usually people who have a paraphilia are attracted to objects and acts that are BEYOND the average person’s scope of imagination.

UROPHILIA is when a person is turned on by either urinating on another individual, being urinated on, drinking urine, or by watching an individual urinate; UROLANGIA is when an individual deliberately retains urine, urinates in one’s clothes, drinks urine, or urinates upon another person for sexual gratification; and a golden shower is when someone urinates on another for sexual gratification.  Another word for a golden shower is water sports.

On the alleged video tape, the R. Kelly “imposture” not only urinates on a pubescent young lady, but the video also depicts the R. Kelly clone watching as his young friend urinates on the floor. While many of us watched in horror, disbelief, and with confusion, believe it or not, a section of you can understand and relate to urine being a turn on.


Although it is impossible to probe into anyone’s mind to see why urine turns them on, there are a number of theories as to why Urophiles get excited over that golden stream of water.

  1. Adults are often reenacting scenes of punishment from childhood.  The scenes that they replay as adults depict situations in which they were not allowed to use the bathroom by schoolteachers or parents.  As children they may have masturbated as a way to make sure that they didn’t pee on themselves.  As adults pee is associated with either that feeling of relief when they were finally allowed to urinate, or the pleasurable feeling that they had when they masturbated to prevent an embarrassing situation.
  2. Since the urethra (the tube that urine travels down) and the bladder are close to the sex organs, some adults who had to strain to get control of their urine as kids, learn to associate wetting their pants or bladder tension with sexual arousal .
  3. Severe punishment inflicted on a child when he or she urinates on himself will cause an extreme reaction within the child.  The punishment causes a fear and flight response and causes lots of adrenaline to be released.  We remember experiences better when adrenaline is released and adrenaline helps to make sure that the memory is cemented in the child’s brain.  The memory may be imprinted in the child’s brain as erotic, and as an adult, he or she will find urine to be sexually stimulating.
  4. Of course there is a theory that suggests that urophilies have something wrong with their brains.  This theory attributes misplaced erotic thoughts to problems within the temporal lobe of the brain.  Researchers found that when they removed temporal lobes from monkeys, they became sexually aggressive, tried to mate with same sex monkeys, and even tried to have sex with animals of other species.


Believe it or not, urine is the cleanest fluid that your body possesses; it is actually 95% water.  HIV and other viruses have been isolated in urine, but there are no documented cases of HIV transmission from urine.  During water sports you should be the most concerned about the transmission of hepatitis.

If you are going to get comfortable enough with a person to swap urine, learn their HIV status first.  Why chance it?     


As a medical doctor and a sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross has been heralded by the Chicago Tribune as the next Dr. Ruth, the nationally renowned sexual therapist who pioneered frank sex talk.

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