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masturbationMASTURBATION FOR BEGINNERS Women seem to have greater barriers to masturbation than men do.  The biggest complaint I hear is, “it just doesn’t feel that good,” or “it’s not the same.”  I will provide you with tips so that you can become a masturbation expert in no time flat.  Because it is certainly a tool that women should be empowered with.

YOU HAVE TO TEACH YOURSELF: Even though it is fun, masturbation is not something that comes naturally to many women, so you have to teach yourself.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT:  It is like training for anything, practice makes perfect.

MAKE YOURSELF FEEL SEXY:  While becoming in tune with the art of masturbation, you should indulge in activities that will make you feel sexy.  The sexier you feel, the more likely it is that you will feel like masturbating. Try some of these activities to make you feel sexy:

  • Walk Around the House Naked.
  • Buy sexy lingerie and cook or clean up the house in it.
  • Begin a Workout Routine & Admire the Changes in a Full Length Mirror.
  • Skip the Panties; It’ll be Your Own Private Secret.
  • Buy satin Sheets & Explore Them With No Clothes On.

KNOW YOUR BODY:  Some women are not sure where the clitoris is located.  Re-explore your anatomy and locate the sensitive parts.

IF IT HASN’T BEEN TOUCHED, IT WON’T BE SENSITIVE:  Many women are have not touched their clitorises in so long that the area is no longer sensitive.  If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.  Find your clitoris and touch it in a variety of different ways.  Place it in between your thumb and your forefinger and stroke it.  Place an index finger on the top of it and rub.  Pull the hood back and gently touch the tip of it.  Find out how you like to be touched so you will know what areas to focus on.

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As a medical doctor and a sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross has been heralded by the Chicago Tribune as the next Dr. Ruth, the nationally renowned sexual therapist who pioneered frank sex talk.

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  1. MDON

    January 8, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    When I am with my partner, He’s the giving type… so if he is there ir if he touches me I feel as if in not being stimulated. I had a rabbit vibrator and I used it quite often with him and I could turn and set the speed either high or low. Some of the time I would have it set on low then I would turn it up to get a little more feeling. So he would tell me if you use it on high to long and to often you will numb your clit. So the problem im having is that I feel that way and he’s getting frustrated because he thinks he’s not pleasing me so he wants to go go go and im just like no no no because im not getting a feeling… I think that I am numb there. What is wrong?

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